UNIQUE Private Villas not only provide excellent accommodation but they also provide activity options unique to Siem Reap and surrounds. Sam, the owner has been personally joining in with these tours (when he can) for over 10 years. He relishes sharing his enjoyment of life with his customers especially when involving the outdoor adventure type tours. Because of Sam’s passion for doing more than just the usual tours, UNIQUE Private Villas can arrange many different types of affordable experiences for your family/friends. For example: A private candle light dinner in an ancient temple (after hours), Homestay in the floating village, Deluxe (aka: a pack-up house with bedrooms kitchen and everything) camping in jungle or Mekong Island, All kind of outdoor activities such as Kayaking, Trekking, Biking, 4WD, Motorcycle, helicopter flight, Deep nature adventures, Bird watching.
Of course on arriving back at UNIQUE Private Villas, the 5-star accommodation provides the security, safety and atmosphere to enjoy a movie or just relax by the pool. In the evenings just ask Sam’s driver to take you for the short ride to the night life/markets/restaurant area. No need to go anywhere for the next morning’s breakfast however as UNIQUE Private Villas’ buffet breakfast is as good as any you’ll find in town.  


 UNIQUE Private Villas provide the following:



Siem Reap Airport Arrival

Upon arrival we can arrange some services for you like express customs visa stamping, welcome flowers bouquet, a refreshing cold champagne or beer on board your transfer to the hotel. 

Village walking tours

Our village walking tour is where you to learn about the basic lives of Cambodian people in the countryside. The tours can be as short as 2 hours, to half or even full day. Depending on your time – activities such as ox-cart riding, biking, net fishing, cooking class, farming, and champagne sunset in the rice fields and even a night homestay can be selected. 

Cooking class

Classes with our Khmer professional chef or learning to cook as the villagers are held in a variety of different places (based upon seasons and events). We recommend the options of walking through the local markets buying the fresh ingredients, meats, vegetables that you’ll be using to make your meal. Our modern hygienic kitchens are a pleasure to work in. Or alternatively you may decide to walk through the villages and pick the vegetables and ingredients straight from the villagers’ gardens and cook in their traditional homes (actually it’s not 100% traditional as we have introduced a level of hygiene to make it safe for our visitors and hopefully slowly spread this knowledge throughout the villages), or cook with a view – our cooking classes that are totally different – deluxe camping on top of Kulen Hill with everything laid on. 


One of the best ways to see the countryside or approach the locals is by biking. Learning about the local lives in the villages and farming is interesting and as the Cambodian people are so naturally happy and open, you’ll have many nice memories to take home. Biking is also the best way to visit the main temples of Angkor, we can avoid the crowds.  Our owner Mr. Sam is a passionate experienced biker. With his years of experience, he can help you select the most suitable bikes, destinations and road conditions to suit your family/friends. 

Food tour by scooter

Siem Reap is one of the most lovely tourist cities in Southeast Asia that is full of restaurants, café, bars and clubs but if you want to get the taste of Khmer authentic dishes or try the restaurants where local people eat you may need some help. Our food tour by scooters has been created just for that. We will (safely) ‘zing’ you around discovering the street food area, local deluxe restaurants and beers gardens where the Khmer people go. It’s a lot of fun.


Initially our trekking tours were made to be very changing, aimed for young and fit travelers. Our most popular trekking adventures include trekking through the deep jungle of Angkor Archeological Park or Kulen National Park. As our company has grown we have introduced trekking tours that are dependent on the ages and ability of your family/friends. Now we also have half day village trekking, full day to Angkor temples, Kulen Hill or one night to two weeks jungle camping. We have always remained flexible to arrange the different levels of trekking tours that you require. 

Motorcycle tours

Who enjoys getting totally tired and dirty? Dirtbike riders, and if your one of them we have fantastic adventures to explore Cambodia. Choosing dirt-bikes of either 250cc or 400cc, full equipment (leathers, helm, boots etc) are available. Mechanics and follow vehicle are options. We have everything needed including all types all difficulties and terrain to get downright dirty, tired and satisfied, all good.

Still like the idea of motored biking but not really a Dirtbiker? Easy adventures for smaller motorcycles from 50CC, 90CC to 125CC visiting villages and remote temples are fun too. Designed for families/friends to see places not normally seen via tours and have heaps of fun doing it too.


If you’re into the bigger motorcycles ‘on-road’ adventures – everything from Harleys down to the lighter 500cc road bike tours – cruising down good quality tarmac roads, with delightful riding temperatures, sitting on good rides, what could be better?  


You know, camping used to be for the ‘camper type people’, we have tours like this. The ‘camper type people’ love it but most other type of people hated it – but not anymore. Deluxe camping in Cambodia has changed camping forever. Today’s deluxe tents are more like foldable houses with bedrooms, kitchen, shower and toilets. Our people erect the tent, cook for you, and do all the everyday mundane things leaving you and your family/friends to enjoy the adventure. Popular places where we have done this tour are on the top of Mount Kulen (near the river), next to the lost temples and on one of the islands of the Mekong. 


Kayaking can be done in the Tonle Sap Lake to visit the floating village, birding, and flooded forest. If you have a longer holiday we can also arrange a great adventure that could combine the kayaking in the Mekong River to view the rare pink dolphins and visit the incredibly beautiful flooded forest just south of the Laos border or the mangrove forests in either Kampot or Koh Kong.


Not many people know that Siem Reap is a bird destination, but it is. In Angkor Archeological Park there are over 100 of rare species. Other rare species can be seen in the bird sanctuary in Prek Taol of Tonle Sap Lake and Ang Trapaeng Thmor in Banteay Meanchey. 

Jeep adventures

UNIQUE Private Villas are collecting original vintage USA jeeps from the 1970s wars. Now after being renovated perfectly they are available for you to drive. We can arrange from 2 hours (including a champagne sunset and/or homemade lunch/dinner in the village) to a full day discovering the temples of Angkor, remote temples or village tours. 

Picnic lunch

Inside is to dine – outside is to luncheon. Siem Reap has so many scenic places just right for a relaxing luncheon. Ask one of the UNIQUE Private Villas staff for the menu, everything can be organized to take with you or delivered (if you happened to be trekking, biking, etc) to where ever you may be going.  

Home stay

For the modern traveler today who value experiences more than the facilities, we offer the opportunity to learn more deeply about the local lives of Khmer people. A one night stay with villagers either in the authentic village or in the floating villages will help you to get a firsthand experience about their lifestyle. Where you stay has been carefully chosen, we also have taught the villagers to know how to take care of clients, including sustainable tourism, and hygiene. We need to be sure that we don’t destroy the life styles of the villages or make our customers sick with our interaction. 

Boat ride

Floating villages in the Tonle Sap Lake has become the second primary attraction for most of the travelers visiting Siem Reap. Everyone knows that if you are visiting a floating village you need to ride on something that floats aka: a boat. Our boats are excellently restored Khmer traditional boats. The captains come for the local area and have vast knowledge that can be shared. This tour can be combined with another boat ride tour such dinner/champagne sunset, breakfast sunrise.

For something completely different we can arrange the rowing of a small Khmer boat in the actual moat that surrounds Angkor Wat! Here we can view the sunset with canapé and champagne/local beers/hose wine while taking as many incredible photos as you desire.

Quad bike

Quad biking is becoming more popular every year. This can be ideal for family adventure style that we want to experience the quad ride to visit local villages for 2 hours to 4 hours or take a full day to ride to visit remote temples. It also can be for the ‘dirtbiker’ type people who want a challenging terrain and have the need to put a bit of muscle behind it.


It just a fact of life – to drive to some incredible places in Cambodia you need a 4WD. These great adventures can be done now because we have a 4WD fleet just for this. We can arrange either adventure 4WD tours or luxury 4WD tours, all designed for enjoyment of the remote temples such Koh Ker, Kulen Hill, Preah Khang Kampong Svay and Preah Vihear World Heritage Temple. 

When you are booking your accommodation for UNIQUE private villas mention that you are interested in any of the above, as to not leave things too late (some of these tours do need a bit time to organize). And most importantly – if you have something in mind that is really unique, and you would really like to do – please, let us know. If it can be done …. we don’t call ourselves UNIQUE private villas for nothing.